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Awnings Pricing: What to Expect

On average patio awnings can cost anywhere between £2000 and £9000 or more fitted depending on size, quality, and accessories. These are indicative of bespoke systems with electric operation and remote control rather than “off the shelf’ budget awnings which typically cost several hundred pounds.

As well as the cassette and canopy, additional costs can include special mounts, wind, sun and rain sensors, LED lighting, heating elements, and custom options such as fabric pattern, as well as frame colour and style to match your homes outdoor decor.

With bespoke awnings each design is made to order by specialists such as Markilux, Weinor, and Caribbean Blinds and sold through official installer partners, who tailor the product to the owner’s precise requirements. To ascertain the best options the site is professionally surveyed to assess the property for optimum placement. This process should include:

  • Measurement of space to ensure accurate dimensions for the awning’s size, coverage and extension
  • Evaluation of mounting surface to check for suitability, stability, and any potential obstacles or obstructions
  • Sun and shade analysis based on the orientation of your property, sun exposure throughout the day, and potential shading elements such as trees or nearby buildings
  • Wind conditions to determine if additional reinforcement or wind sensors are necessary
  • Electrical and structural considerations to assess the availability of power sources, plan for electrical wiring, and evaluate the structural integrity of the mounting surface to ensure it can support the weight and operating stresses
  • Obstructions and clearances for extending and retracting the awning such as windows, doors, outdoor fixtures, or foliage that could interfere with the awning’s operation

The difference in cost between off-the-shelf and tailor-made awnings is inextricably linked to higher quality, performance, and personalisation. Take for example the components, particularly the fabrics, arm mechanisms and motors, which are purpose made for durability and long life. Fabric selection is pivotal, incorporating UV-resistant materials like solution-dyed acrylics for longevity and colour fastness. Arm mechanisms, typically made from corrosion-resistant metals like aluminium, offer sturdy support while allowing smooth near-silent extension and retraction. Precision engineering in motor technology ensures seamless operation, with quiet and efficient performance. Advanced motors boast intelligent sensors for automatic adjustment to wind conditions, safeguarding against damage. Together, these components combine to provide a complete awning system for outdoor comfort and to withstand the rigours of nature. As such bespoke awnings are suitable for long term use and as a result are supplied with longer guarantees. Each design will be made to order with hundreds of customisation options to choose from.

Here are some examples providing a cost illustration:

yellow awning

Size: Based on a width of 3.45 m and a projection of 2 m

Type: Bespoke full cassette patio awning

Operation: Automatic

Brand: Markilux

Cost: £4700

Includes: Electric, remote-control operation/Installation/Electrical work for outdoor socket/Remote wind sensor


cb striped fabric

Size: Based on a width of 3.3 m and a projection of 2.5 m

Type: Bespoke full cassette patio awning

Operation: Automatic

Brand: Caribbean Blinds

Cost: £3900

Includes: Gutter brackets/Vibration sensor

For an accurate estimate arrange a free survey with one of our expert surveyors to assess your requirements in detail and to go through all the options.

Size is a cost factor

Size plays an important role in awning pricing. Larger sizes (widths and/or projections) will cost more. The biggest awnings (anything over 5 m wide and/or 3 m projection) are usually only achievable with a high-end bespoke design, because they are designed to be strong enough to support the extra weight. For example, folding arms can feature specially designed technologies such as twin spring-loaded retractable arms tensioned with multiple tear resistant sheathed stainless-steel cables. These are designed to optimise large span fabric tension and withstand winds up to 30 mph. They may also include high-end water-repellent fabrics constructed from acrylic fibres that do not stretch, warp, or tear, and can be treated with a self-clean protective coating during the manufacturing process. These are significant benefits you wouldn’t expect to find with an off the shelf awning.

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