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Eastern Group UK Launches Eastern Awnings

By expanding its partnerships with several awning suppliers, installation experts Eastern Group UK launches its new service brand ‘Eastern Awnings’. The collection will cater for mid-range to premium quality buyer groups across the East of England. Building off its high-profile partnerships in the awning’s world ‘Eastern Awnings’ will offer a selection of tailored options to fit a range of middle income and luxury-end budgets, while maintaining exceptional quality.

In addition, Eastern Awnings will provide several service-based benefits to make the process of ‘buying and owning’ an awning easier for customers.

“We believe that a holistic approach creates the best customer experience. We want to make the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible,” said Hans Garbutt, Marketing Manager, Eastern Group UK, “That’s why we offer free consultations and surveys, along with an annual servicing option. We also offer a 5-year quality guarantee on the installation work on all awnings.’

Additionally, Eastern Group UK is confident that its carefully selected range of suppliers, along with tailor-made installations, will play a pivotal role in the prosperity of the new service. Hans further explains that apart from ensuring the products are of superior design, their commitment to addressing specific requirements will enhance the customer experience. This includes considering factors such as type of fixtures, placement area, necessary shade coverage, orientation, and technological aspects. The accurate execution of these considerations by our surveyor and install teams is essential for ensuring the long-term satisfaction of customers.

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