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Full Cassette Awnings – Manual or Electric

Full cassette awnings deliver advanced technologies and unmatched design for you to coordinate the latest styles with the architecture of your outside space.  Eastern Awnings supplies and fits the best quality products from leading manufacturers across the UK and Europe. We source a wide variety of solutions to provide casing designs, colour, and fabric patterns to suit every need.


We’ll support  you with the right choices

Awning selection is key. We’ll assist you with professional advice on model, size, and fixtures depending on the structural design of your house – whether it needs to be wall, roof or top mounted. We will also advise you on which model will achieve optimum shade within the placement area and which one is most stable for the climatic conditions. For example, open spaces will require more wind stability than an enclosed area surrounded by high brick walls. Our aim is to offer you a reliable product, professionally installed, with a long service life.

Many sizes are available and include made to measure options.


Cool Designs For Different Tastes

Markilux MX-1

  • Maximum Width x Extension 7 m x 4.15 m
  • 25-degree pitch
  • LED light line
  • Front valance



Markilux MX-2

  • Maximum Width x Extension 6 m x 3 m
  • LED lighting option
  • Optional colour combinations



Markilux MX-3

  • Maximum Width x Extension 6 m x 3 m
  • LED lighting option
  • Optional colour combinations



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