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Attractive. Elegant. Advanced.

The Markilux MX-2 full cassette retractable awning is an attractive, state of the art solution. Its elegant curves add style and elegance to any modern home.

Available in widths up to 6 metres with up to 3.5 metres projection it comes with a radio-controlled motor as standard so you can enjoy the perfect shade on your patio with a push of a button. Warm summer evenings can be gently lit by optional LED line in the cassette or LED spotlights.

  • Width: 5m to 6 m
  • Max Projection: 3 m to 3.5 m
  • Two-tone full cassette accentuates excellent design
  • 5°-25° inclination
  • Operation: Motor, radio-controlled motor, smart home
  • Folding Arm: Bionic Tendon
  • Options: LED Line in Cassette, LED Spots Under Cassette


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