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Semi Cassette Awnings

A half or semi-cassette awning is an awning with a partial casing above the full roll of fabric to protect it from dirt and rain when not in use.

When retracted, the top half of the awning system is covered, and bottom half exposed.

The semi open design enables larger arm extensions than a fully enclosed option.



Partially encased when closed, they are best suited to a sheltered position, for example where protection is provided by a roof overhang.

A distinctive feature is their ability to apply to areas where a small width is specified. For this scenario, a stretch variant with cross-over folding arms provides the perfect solution for snug alcoves, small terraces, or balconies.


Operation, Equipment and Designs

We provide manual and electric versions. The motorised choice can be used with a wall switch or radio remote control. It can also be controlled via a smart phone or tablet.

Whilst standard frame colours are available, you can personalise the case in a RAL colour of your choosing. There is also a wide range of modern and classic fabric patterns.

Equipment options can enhance your outdoor experience. These include:

  • LED lighting
  • Gloss chrome elements
  • Valances with straight, curved, or wavy edging
  • Glare reducing vertical front profiles



Explore Products

Markilux 1600

  • Maximum width x draw 7.1 m x 4 m
  • LED lighting options
  • Shadeplus
  • Coupled awning
  • Tilting night lights
  • Strong chain link folding arms



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